Thursday, January 28, 2016

Anyone for a dead blog?

Well, maybe it is time to get things going.

I haven't completed the 100 pounds yet.  But, I did manage to keep off over 50.  If you were counting, I had only lost 41 when I quit updating the blog.  Since then, well, I have been through three job transitions (although I also quit two before starting because I got even better offers), I lost from a high of 325 down to 262 and gained 13 back, and I got really, really out of shape.

Enter a new job, in the health industry no less.  And my employer participates in a program called Vitality, where if you do healthy things you earn points, earn enough points and you get discounts off of your health insurance premiums and dollar rewards that you can use for things like Amazon gift cards.

My wife and I have started doing a series of DVDs called Cize, which is basically aerobic dancing without much high-impact stuff.  I have started focusing on getting healthier sleep patterns, and I am going to sign up for Weight Watchers in a couple of days here.

Again, the intent on my part is to get healthy.  No exact weight goal, just healthy.  I'm far enough from the goal that I can't set a measurement yet, but I think I might actually train for at least a 3K or maybe even a 5K by the end of the year.  No running...  Walking, but trying to build back up to walking at least 4mph.  I used to do 5mph, I might be able to do that again if I lose some more weight.


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