Thursday, November 1, 2012

Well... 4.5 years later!!!

I finally figured out where my old blog was.  Only one entry.  Oh well.

Earlier this fall, I weighed in at 323.8 pounds, and that was after a bout with digestive issues, so I probably actually weighed over 325 at some point.  My doctor thinks I should weigh around 150, my personal belief is closer to 175, but that makes my theoretical goal close to 150 pounds.

I also discovered that I am allergic to Corn as well as the Dairy I already knew about.

And a friend of mine who used to weigh 696 pounds went and lost 425 of them and went from unable to walk 100 feet without resting to walking a nearly 14 mile military-style obstacle race (in 13.5 hours):

So, Chris inspired me, my even higher weight "milestone" inspired me, and my new allergy inspired me to change my eating habits.  I seem to be reacting poorly to some other food, possibly potato, so that will be interesting to me as well.

Chris started his exercise program with with "progress, not perfection", "just do it", and perhaps "get 'er done" as core concepts.

I was one of the people my friend Chris talked to before he lost his first pound or started his exercise regimen.  If he can lose over 60% of his weight, then I should be able to motivate myself to lose 40% of mine (and his doctor says that the skin flap left over from the weight loss probably weighs 40-50 pounds).

But I won't lose the weight or get in shape if I don't change my life.

On the good side, since 2008 I lost my job, retrained myself, and landed a job I love.  I am a Mentor and Technical Instructor at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers in Livonia, Michigan.

Also, we managed to get out of the house we were in that trapped my lovely wife Diana in an existance where daily living impacted her health negatively and into an ADA compliant apartment.

Because of those things, my blood pressure (BP) is down, below textbook "normal".  Not dangerously low, but because the meds have side effects I would like to reduce them.  I haven't been taking BP readings as often as I need to to talk to the doctor about changing my meds, but I see that conversation happening in the next few months as my life continues to change.

Stay Tuned for new entries at least weekly.


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Diana Troldahl said...

You know I'm behind you every step of the way.