Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wow.  Busy in my professional life.  I'm preparing to teach in front of a classroom from the Monday after Thanksgiving through until Mid-March, three classes, one after another, four days a week on the other side of town.  So this week is about getting the car ready, learning the material, and figuring out how to present the material.  I have more time to present than the book is designed for, but from personal experience as a student the book isn't memorable, so I need to figure out how to present each topic without presenting the book, which they can read themselves.

Busy at home also.  Trying to finish painting the front room(s) (combo Living/Dining/Kitchen) and hallway.  I have the feature wall complete, and the lighter color and satin finish are clearly going to make a HUGE difference mentally trying to make it through winter.  Nearly everyone this far north that isn't a winter outdoor athlete gets some level of Seasonal depression.  The lighter color and added reflectivity will be great.

The only reason all of that makes any difference here is that I'm struggling with time management and how it relates to squeezing in exercise.  I've decided that what it means is that this week I try to exercise once a day for at least 15 minutes, but for example grocery shopping for 2 hours counted for yesterdays exercise.

It should be possible to get into a pattern once I get to teaching.  Four days a week I should get to my work location with 15-45 minutes to spare depending on traffic, then have a couple of short breaks and a lunch break every day.

On the good side, this week I reached a full 20 pounds lost since I started weighing myself.  My next milestone is passing 300 pounds, which is now less than 5 pounds away.  Pretty good for a week I struggled with getting in exercise.  At least I didn't go crazy with food.


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Diana Troldahl said...

You are rocking it, Oscar!